Echo Raechel Bailey Kolb


Published: December 16th 2011



Echo  by  Raechel Bailey Kolb

Echo by Raechel Bailey Kolb
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Its not like everyone thinks, dying- its not the end.When Clara White Bird dies, she struggles with her new existence. The bond of love between her and her husband, Adam is powerful, keeping her tied to her mortality. She meddles in the physical world, wanting to help Adam through his sorrow. But her folly results in a young boy, Ian becoming lost with his horse.Ians best friend Jessica is determined to find him. Not knowing that a dangerous predator is near, she sets out into the dessert and runs into trouble of her own. Meanwhile, her father, Mike, is hot on Ians trail, not realizing that Adam is wandering in the desert, as well.Worried about the disposition of her soul, poor Clara frantically tries to keep track of all the players in this comedy of errors.

She can see the many perspectives, but is unable to establish communication. When she speaks, everyone only thinks they hear echoes.Will Clara face damnation for her actions? Will Jessica outsmart the villain? Will Mike find Ian? What about Adam? Will he learn that he still has a purpose?Searching- its a way of life for some and a way of death for others.When the trails collide, who will survive?

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